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The Fintech services provider E-Gates
A properly built financial and legal structure allows you to become an excellent intermediary for the integration of crypto, fiat and business systems on your site
We're working with:
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Financial structures
  • Banks
  • Е-commerce
  • Fintech startups
  • Health & Care Sphere
  • The service industry
  • MFI
  • Auction houses
Industry Challenges

One of the pivots of any business development is marketing and increasing the quality and quantity of services that a business can offer to its customers.

At the moment, the market of blockchain and fintech projects requires a single solution to close the basic needs for customer service.

  • Processing only
  • Unjustified costs
  • Various APIs
  • Manual identity verification
  • Time consuming
  • Processing only crypto or fiat
  • No trusted WEB3 solution
  • No comprehensive solution
  • Limited number of currencies
E-Gates is an intermediary solution between service providers and businesses to provide a common fintech integration system.
For Business
For business - all you need in one solution, connect once you get the whole range of services you need.
Business benefits
  • One-time integration
  • One-time onboarding
  • Payment control system
  • The right price for the necessary services
  • Only proven solutions
For Partner companies
A service provider can become our partner and concentrate on developing its own solution while leaving all user relations and marketing work to E-Gates.
Partner benefits
  • Concentration on technology and its development
  • One-time onboarding
  • E-Gates handles the marketing
  • Increase in users of the service
  • Marketing budget optimization
Are you a service provider company? Let's discuss our partnership - email us partnership@e-gates.io
E-Gates Products Ecosystem
The E-Gates Ecosystem is a guide not only for businesses or users but also for the multitude of services that have found solutions to their needs with us.

If you are a technical solution provider but do not yet understand how to take its development to the next level - write to us and we will find a way to help you!

GET in Ecosystem
Gates Ecosystem Token (GET) is a service token integrated into many of its segments. The token simplifies interaction with the platform and takes the process of interacting with it to a new level. More benefits, opportunities, and privileges will be available to its holders in the E-Gates ecosystem.
Our team
A team of professionals with years of experience in the industry.
Sarah Clark
CEO E-Gates
Emmanuel Asamoah
Chief Business Development Officer
Sunil Kumar
Chief Data Officer E-Gates
Igor Katkovnikov
Inna Stelmakh
International Growth
George Andreev
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