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Let your clients pay for your services in fiat.

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Fiat Gateway

Enabling you to accept payments in multiple fiat currencies through a variety of methods. With our service, there's no need to individually contract with each payment system. A single agreement with us unlocks limitless possibilities as you seamlessly combine various payment systems.

For customers

We are dedicated to continually elevating the quality of our partnership interactions and establishing swift, seamless modes of collaboration that ensure mutual convenience and satisfaction.

Fast onboarding

You can effortlessly integrate any number of payment systems into your product by following these simple steps:
  • 1
    Choose a payment service
  • 2
    Complete KYB verification
  • 3
    We open an account for you on the payment service
  • 4
    Connect our solution
  • 5
    Start accepting payments from your clients

For payment providers

We are dedicated to continually elevating the quality of our partnership interactions and establishing swift, seamless modes of collaboration that ensure mutual convenience and satisfaction.

Simple integration

The possibility of integration into the E-Gates ecosystem is open for payment services:
  • 1
    Submit your application to
  • 2
    Get audited by our technical experts
  • 3
    Sign Compliance
  • 4
    Pay integration Fee
  • 5
    Connect via API
  • 6
    Process all of our clients and earn money
Payment Systems Selection
Get Fiat Gateway

E-Gates offers a convenient dashboard for working with payment systems. It allows you to compare and connect suitable ones, as well as manage each system individually, ensuring maximum convenience and control.

After selecting and integrating a payment system, you can access a personal dashboard with many features and metrics. The dashboard interface for all payment services is designed in a unified structure, greatly enhancing ease and comfort of use. It also saves you from the need to learn a new interface when connecting a new service.

Fiat Gateway Currencies


Legal Structure

E-Gates places special emphasis on the quality of legal support, guaranteeing reliability and professional execution in every aspect:
Providing the best terms
Opening bank accounts for you
Checking your legal readiness
The choice of the optimal path depends on the task.
E-Gates offers 2 options:
Complete documentation
  • 1
    Support at all stages
  • 2
    Tax management and audit passage
  • 3
    Access to substantial financing
  • 4
    Essential services for your clients
  • 5
    The company has all the infrastructure settled for the activity of VASP
  • 6
    The company has an operational corporate account under crypto with connected accounting service
Personalized approach
  • We'll find a processing solution tailored to your legal structure.
Full Legal support Roadmap:
We offer company formation services in the following countries:

E-Gates Solution

There are no unsolvable problems; with the right approach, it is possible to find a solution to any request by considering needs, weighing risks, and understanding the market to formulate a legal strategy for the company's processes.
Based on this, we will provide suitable solutions, and you will receive:
  • European subsidiary within the European legal framework
  • Legal support and consulting throughout the entire process
  • Legal solution tailored to your needs
  • Transparent audit
  • Opening European bank accounts
  • Selection of virtual offices
  • Direct acquiring services
  • PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001
  • We provide comprehensive company support, including audit, accounting, and operational management services
  • Expertise in personnel selection to ensure the functioning of the company, including the appointment of an AML officer.
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