E‑Gates Ecosystem Token

The GET token is an E-Gates Ecosystem service token that is used for all ecosystem products and gives users access to specific services and features.

Token Utility

The GET token has many uses in the E-Gates ecosystem for both businesses and users.

  • Discount for fiat processing
  • Discount for crypto processing
  • Discount for PassMe payment
  • Discount for other services
  • Processing fee
  • Paying AllowList users

Who is the GET token useful for?

For E-Gates Ecosystem customers, the GET token is the solution, for more profitable use of the ecosystem products.

Business segments for which the GET token can be useful


How you can use GET Token?

The GET token is a service tool of the E-Gates ecosystem and allows you to use all its features as efficiently as possible. The main consumer of the token is businesses in order to get the most favorable offers for the integration and use of all possible products of the ecosystem.

Crypto Gateway
Crypto Gateway
Integration possibility
Integration possibility
For users
For users

Verify even more users on their site for token holders. Using a GET token, you can get a discount of up to 15% on PassMe processing.


Allocation of GET tokens

The GET Tokenomics consists of 7 funds, which are in a linear vesting with a fair distribution, with different cliff periods and unlock steps. More details can be found in the project's tokenomics.

  • 350,000,000
    Total Supply, GET
  • $ 0.02
    Starting Price
  • 2 years
    Vesting Period
Private Sale
Public Sale

Income sources

The GET token model is based on integration into the site's products, which provides a better business environment and creates demand for the token.This helps to develop the site and to increase the demand for token use in the ecosystem.

  • Business

    The need for a token to get the most favorable terms when connecting ecosystem products.

  • Products

    Minimize integration costs by using the GET token.

  • Customers

    The token simplifies interaction with the site and expands opportunities for customers.

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